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All You Need To Know About Organic Hair And Skin Products

Staff WriterJanuary 04, 2021


It’s no surprise that the market for organic hair and skin products has exploded. Over the years, people have begun to make better decisions about what they allow on their skin due to increase in awareness of skincare products. As a result, most new skincare companies aim to meet this new demand for safe and natural beauty products.
However, along with this growth also came a flood of natural beauty claims. This creates a sort of unruly marketing jargons, promises, and misinformation.
In this article, we’re going to help provide a little more transparency on skincare products and its benefits, while also recommending to you a company that sells the best skincare products.

What is Organic Skincare?

Organic skincare is generally defined as skin care products, made from high quality, organic farmed ingredients and free from pesticides . Organic products are presumed to have little to no harsh chemical ingredients. Thus, they are considered beneficial to the skin.
In the last decade, there has been a sizeable shift towards organic skincare products in the market.

Difference Between Natural And Organic Skincare Products

The terms “natural” and “organic” can be misleading for most people when it comes to skincare products. This can often confuse consumers into buying products that they do not originally want.
A product is considered “natural” if its ingredients are sourced from nature rather than synthetic means. Natural skincare products may contain chemicals and preservatives like many other products.

Organic skincare as stated earlier, includes products from organic farmed ingredients that are produced without chemicals or pesticides. In addition, labels on organic and natural beauty products can be misleading. Therefore, to advertise organic skincare products, companies would need their products certified organic by the USDA.
Having a USDA Organic Seal indicates that a product has an organic content of 95% or higher. The USDA has four levels of certification which include:

  • 100% organic: It contains only organically produced ingredients, so the product is permitted to display the USDA Organic Seal .
  • Organic: The product is permitted to display the USDA Organic Seal since it contains at least 95% of organically produced ingredients.
  • Made With Organic Ingredients: The product is not permitted to display the USDA Organic Seal but it contains at least 70% of organic ingredients.
  • Less Than 70% Organic Ingredients: Products are not permitted to display the seal or use the term “organic” anywhere on the packaging. However, they are allowed to identify organically produced items in the ingredient list.

The bottomline? Don’t take advertising claims at face fault when shopping for organic beauty products. This is why we highly recommend Hair and Skin Appetit,a reliable company where you can purchase your organic skincare products from.

Do Organic Skincare Products Work?

All You Need to Know on Organic Hair and Skin Products and its Numerous Benefits

Organic skincare products have become popular in recent years. Any product being labeled as organic simply means that no chemical were used during its growth and cultivation. There is a general belief that organic skincare products are healthier and less harmful to our bodies. If so, then why don’t we grow only organic products? The simplest reason is that organic production is mostly manageable on a smaller scale compared to non-organic production. Basically, organic skincare products are made from organic ingredients such as fruits, and vegetables etc.

However, some products aren’t 100% organic but they use organic ingredients in addition to some chemical ingredients. Basically, it’s similar to those bottles of fruit juice which do not indicate that they are 100% fruit juice.

Now, this begs the question – do organic skincare products work?
The answer is ‘Yes.’ Organic skincare products are beneficial for your skin and it’s more than likely that any side effects from it will be minimal.
Hair and Skin Appetit provides a variety of organic skincare products, each with a totally different purpose. Some of their products exfoliate; others cleanse,, condition, hydrate, nourish, and moisturize the skin.
In addition, these organic products have nice smell and make your skin and hair feel fresh and relaxed immediately after use. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Why Organic Skincare Products Are Better?

Everyone seeks to live a healthier lifestyle. We all want to derive that satisfaction that we’re doing the best we can to take care of ourselves and the people we love. Your skin is the largest living, breathing organ on your body and when we apply such products on our skin, up to 60% of the synthetic chemicals enters the bloodstream and build up in our bodies. However, knowing what toxins non-organic skincare products contain would make you think twice before using it.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising to see more people switching to organic skincare products in recent years.
It’s time to reconsider if you’re still using non-organic skincare products. Here are the reasons why organic skincare products are better.

Nutritional Benefits

Using organic skincare products ensures that you get the real nutritional benefits from its ingredients. In other words, natural organic ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, coconut oil, and shea butter soothe, moisturize, and promote smooth skin.
At Hair and Skin Appetit, their skincare products are gentle on your skin and they have nutritional benefits.

Active Ingredients

Organic skincare products contain up to 95% active ingredients. In contrast, active ingredients only make up 5 to 10% contents in synthetic skincare products. These active ingredients in organic skincare products have powerful antioxidants that assist in slowing down the ageing process and creating a younger looking skin.


Organic skincare products are less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammations, or irritation because they don’t contain harsh chemicals. However, there are few instances where allergic reactions might occur, and it would most likely be due to natural ingredients such as strawberries or peanuts, which would be easily identifiable.

Preserve the Environment

Organic skincare products use naturally grown ingredients that are free from fertilizers and toxic pesticides. Hence, they help to preserve the environment because they don’t leave harmful footprints on the planet, particularly the air, soil, and water.
In addition, organic farming causes lower pollution from pesticides and fertilizer sprays, which is better for wildlife.

By using Hair and Skin Appetit organic skincare products, you’re supporting the sustainability of our environment.


Are you aware that the beauty industry conducts animal testing to ensure their products are safe for human use? Organic products do not need this testing. This is because with organic ingredients, the products are safe and harmless. When you buy organic skincare products, you’re also supporting the move towards the abolishment of animal testing in the industry.

Avoids Chemicals and Synthetics

Studies have shown that there are strong connections between illness and chemicals. Also, synthetics are downright scary and are simply not necessary in skin care. These ingredients are often fast acting and invasive, and sometimes causes harm we cannot see. Therefore, this exposure often rears its ugly head as cancer, hormone disruption, skin irritation, chronic headaches, among several others. The symptoms range is too vast, but you can see how it covers minor symptoms right up to life threatening situations.

Long Lasting Gratification

Making good choices on skincare products gives us optimal health and the glow we desire, all within arm’s reach. It simply comes down to the choices we make as consumers.

Many non-organic products will not only give instant gratification with skincare results, but its cheap ingredients are cheap, easy to manufacture and market. Its use might lead to sun spots disappearance, smoother less visible wrinkles, diminishing blemishes, among several others. However, there’s often a high price to pay: it may cause photosensitivity, asphyxiation of the skin, accelerated dehydration, to name but a few. This is why it’s important to purchase organic skincare products because it’ll provide long lasting gratification at little or no risks.

Contains Non-harmful Ingredients

How many ingredients can you actually recognize when you pick a bottle of any non-organic skincare product and read its ingredients label?
Unlike non-organic skincare products, organic products do not contain synthetic man-made chemicals. Therefore, their products aren’t harmful to humans. In other words, using organic skincare products do not cause skin irritation, organ toxicity, hormone imbalance, or cancer.

Benefits Of Using Organic Skincare Products

There are so many perks in making the switch to an organic skincare product. Organic skincare products make you, your skin, and your planet feel a lot more superior.
Highlighted below are the benefits of using organic skincare products:

Rich Nutrients

All You Need to Know on Organic Hair and Skin Products and its Numerous Benefits

Organic brands such as Hair and Skin Appetit promote ingredients and formulas derived from the natural world around us. From fruits to natural oil and other botanical agents, these products are mixed with natural and nutritional elements. Below are some common key ingredients that would cure specific skin issues:

  • Green tea, honey, pomegranate, acai oil ( antioxidants)
  • Aloe Vera, oatmeal, lavender ( healing and soothing)
  • Grapefruit, clay, kelp/algae (purifying)
  • Sunflower, coconut, cucumber, avocado, jojoba, beeswax (hydration)
  • Raw cane sugar, clay, tea tree ( exfoliates and cleanses)

Hair and Skin Appetit skincare products contain these ingredients. These products will take care of your skin and work wonders on any specific skin issue you might have.

Less Chemical

When consumers check the nutrition facts label on every package in a grocery store, it’s the same as paying attention to the ingredient list on the back of our skincare products. You need to make sure what you’re consuming is healthy, right?.
Non-organic skincare products may contain parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial fragrances, and other toxic chemicals that we know nothing or little about. Also, these chemicals promote severe skin irritation and congestion that stops our skin from performing at its optimal level. Therefore, organic skincare is a more natural alternative because our skins respond more positively with better, and healthier results achieved in the long run.

Value for Money

When you purchase organic skincare products from organic brand such as Hair and Skin Appetit, you get your value for money. Basically, organic skin care encourages quality over quantity. It offers high quality ingredients, a greener platform, and benefits that’ll thank you later in the future. If you aren’t using organic products at the moment, this is the time to transition to organic.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Therefore, the more you learn about organic beauty, you learn more about other ways you can live a healthy life. Maybe you’d want to focus on your physical activities or even change your diet. The bottom line is, when one aspect of your life is healthy, there’s no better way to achieve more.


By choosing organic skincare brands such as Hair and Skin Appetit, you’re also supporting the planet's well-being. Basically, you are choosing to adopt healthier ingredients and also give back to local farmers. Non-organic skincare and cosmetics are harmful to the earth’s atmosphere because the traditional methods of manufacturing expose harmful chemicals and wasteful resources. Again, it encourages animal abuse.


There are many benefits of using organic skincare products and I hope this has been an interesting introduction as to why organic skincare is important. It’s important to use organic skincare products because they’re healthier and have natural ingredients that nourish the skin.
For those with sensitive skin or anyone thinking of transitioning to organic skincare products, we highly recommend that you patronize the organic product brand, Hair and Skin Appetit, for the best organic skincare products in the market. Get their shampoo products here and their hair conditioner here.