Full Body Decontamination Fogging System to Reduce Risk of Infection Launched

Full Body Decontamination Fogging System to Reduce Risk of Infection Launched

Staff WriterSeptember 06, 2020

A new multi-purpose (full-body) deep cleaning decontamination fogging system has been launched to reduce the risk of contagious diseases being spread. Pathoway is designed to be set up in the entrances of homes, schools, and businesses to protect vulnerable people and prevent diseases from being spread. Pathoway can also be used to disinfect high contact packages and other items that people bring into their homes.

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The newly launched fogging system is ideal for establishments, businesses, schools, and universities that are looking for ways to safely reopen. Fogging is commonly practiced when treating contaminated areas as it ensures the solution being used is equally dispersed in a fog or mist. Typically, these systems are industrial grade and cost upward of five figures to purchase. Pathoway has been designed in a way that makes it affordable to the average consumer.

It can be a useful solution for individuals and businesses that need to remain contaminant free or are considered high-risk. Installing this kind of equipment can give people peace of mind as they take their safety into their own hands. Pathoway, which is a multi-purpose cleansing system, is just one of several options available and is 4-8 foot wide.

This product can be placed inside the building by the main entrance or outside. It contains a 20-foot misting hose, hose clamps, a diaphragm pump, a hose stand, and it can be adjusted to up to 8 feet in height. Other options available from the company include a portable UV Light Sanitizer, Infrared Thermometers, and other products that offer protection to businesses and residences.

Pathoway has been designed to be used with natural substances (or EPA-approved disinfectants at https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2-covid-19) alongside its sophisticated automatic fogging system. The design ensures it cleanses entryways of contaminants, germs, and potentially harmful bacteria prior to people entering businesses, schools, or their homes.

It can provide busy retail, dining, and social venues with an extra layer of protection. This multi-purpose cleansing system can be viewed as an added measure to increase cleanliness when returning to or entering an area where it is important to prevent contamination. It can also be used to disinfect packages and groceries that are high contact surfaces known to carry germs that can live on them for hours to several days according to the Center for Disease Control (https://www.CDC.gov).

A company spokesperson said: “Pathoway provides peace of mind to businesses' customers and staff, as well as family residences. Pathoway, in combination with washing hands, wearing face coverings, and social distancing, is an extremely reliable approach to reduce the spread of germs. It is an affordable alternative to the expensive industrial strength full-body decontamination systems that are growing in popularity. Those machines cost upward of five figures.”

Apparently, organizations such as the NBA and NIH are securing contracts with companies that make the heavy duty commercial quality walk-through decontamination machines. This is certainly a new norm that the world may have to accept.

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