How To Shop Online

How To Shop Online

Staff WriterOctober 13, 2020


Online shopping which is also referred to as electronic shopping, online purchase, or internet shopping came into existence as a result of the development of the internet. The internet serves as a platform for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to market their products and services. The internet also gives online customers access to shop online regularly.

Meanwhile, online customers can only shop online through computers and devices which include smartphones, desktop, laptops, and tablets for their online shopping. Again, online customers should have access to the internet and valid payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards.

As the internet market grows, varieties of products are being displayed online by sellers to better serve various customers’ needs. This product has different shapes, qualities, sizes, colors, and amounts tagged on them by different sellers.

What is Online Shopping

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Online shopping is the process by which a customer buys goods or services using the Internet. In other words, it is the process through which buyers directly purchase goods and services from sellers using the internet through a web browser or an application software.

The Benefits of Online Shopping

Shopping online has brought a lot of convenience to people all over the world. As a result, people rarely visit a locally made store or shop to buy goods.

Highlighted below are some of the benefits of online shopping;

It Gives Comfort

With online shopping, you can get your product delivered to your doorstep without passing through any stress like that of local shopping. Most importantly, they create opportunities to shop 24/7 without the barriers of location and time. It gives both sellers and customers’ convenience for their specific needs.

Fewer Expenses

You make less expenses when you purchase your products online. Sometimes, when we purchase goods in a local shop or store, we spend beyond our budget or plan and spend more on transportation and food.

Comparing Prices

Online shopping gives you the avenue to compare the prices of different sellers through research to get a better price for products. Furthermore, you get reviews and information about any product made by firsthand users or shoppers of the products.

Sending Gifts Easily

Through e-commerce platforms on the internet, you can easily send goods to family, friends, and loved ones on special days like the Father’s day, Mother’s day, Wedding ceremonies, Birthdays. Again, there are no barriers to locations or geographic areas.

More Variety

Through the online market, you can get different brands of products from different sellers in one place. You can also get these products from different locations without limitation. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to assess product qualities, size, color, share, and price.

Procedure to Shop Online

How to shop online.

There is a step by step process to consider when shopping online. Knowing this procedure makes the shopping process easy and saves you from internet fraud. Cyber crime is the use of internet service to defraud a victim by giving false information on a website or hacking of victim bank account using their card information.

Highlighted below are some of the procedures for online shopping

Do a Web Search For Your Product

The first step to shop online is to do a web search for your product by using a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You type in the item you want to buy in Google search or any of the search engines, and if the product is popular, you will get several pages links offering that product. Visit the pages to make a choice.

Check Auction Site

Shopping through an auction site can take a long process to accomplish the desired result because of the rules and regulations involved. Furthermore, you can learn about the listed items in the auction site by comparing them with items on another website. Also, ensure you can make use of the payment method.

In addition, you can decide if you want to buy the product immediately; you can bid high and wait till the close of the auction before reaching out to the seller.

Before you start shopping online through an auction site, make sure you are familiar with its rules and regulations.

Look For a Specific Market Site

There are several online marketing sites for a specific niche . You can always visit them to do a comparison of products and prices, so as to buy high quality products at lower price rates.

Trust Your Intuition

When shopping online and you feel skeptical about the website, product or seller, it is advisable you suspend the purchase and do a quick research about the product and the seller.

Evaluate The Shipping Cost

You need to understand that the shipping cost is important when shopping online so that you can get a better deal. Sometimes, the price of a product might be low but its shipping cost might be high. Ensure you always check the shipping cost because sellers use it as an avenue to exploit buyers.

However, comparing different shipping costs will save you lot of money when you choose right.

Buy Multiple Items to Reduce Cost of Price and Shipping

When buying multiple items online, try to buy from the same vendor in one purchase as this will reduce the price of the products and the shipping costs. Some sellers might even ship the products for free because you buy in large quantities.

Read the Return Policy

It is important that before you purchase goods online, you should read the return policy of the product because some sellers charge restocking fees to process returns while some do not charge for returning products. Always go through the return policy and understand what you will be held liable for.

How to Stay Safe When Shopping Online

how to stay safe when shopping online

It is important to watch out when shopping online so that you will not fall victim to internet fraudsters.

Highlighted below are some of the considerations to stay safe when shopping online.

Your Password Must Be Strong

Using a strong password to your account is important because internet fraudsters find it hard to hack a very strong account with unique password.

Highlighted below are some procedures on how to create strong passwords

Create passwords that have upper and lower cases

Let your password have special characters

Avoid using a common name

Don’t use the same passwords on every website

Look Out For the Website Security

Check out if the website is secure, a secure website has secured sockets layers (SSL) on it. There is a lock that is close to the URL of the website. In addition, the URL must start with ‘https’ and not ‘http’. If the website does not have a lock close to the URL, note that the website is not secure.

Watch Out For Email Scanners

Email is sent out on a daily basis, including scanned emails. However, do not open or click on the link in the email that you are not familiar with, as scammers can send you an email promising you an amazing but invalid offer.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

When shopping online, it is not advisable to make use of a public Wi-Fi because hackers can easily hack your information such as email details, browsing history, and passwords. Thus, it is reasonable not to log in to any website using public Wi-Fi.

Use a Virtual Private Network

If you must use public Wi-Fi to shop online, make sure to connect your device and computer to a VPN. It acts as a secured tunnel for two or more devices. It protects private web traffic from snooping and interference. As a result, it helps you to shop safely and hackers can’t get access to your information or card details.

However, to have a VPN on your device or computer, consider the following;

 Download the VPN app to your computer or device and select a plan

 Set up your VPN service (it is easy to set up just follow the instructions)

Connect to the VPN server (it allows you to connect to over 100 counties)

The VPN allows you to enjoy the internet with privacy and security.

Keep Every Detail

You should keep every detail like a receipt, confirmation number, and postal tracking number after every purchase because this will help you if there is any problem with the orders.

Don’t Give Out Every Information

When shopping online, you should avoid giving out very personal information like social security number (SSN) and other important information. If a website requests your personal information, it is advisable you contact the customer care.

Check Your Messages Regularly

Try to check your message or email at least twice a week to keep track of any fraudulent activities or charges that might occur in your account. However, you should report any fraud activities at once if you notice any.

Checking Out and Payment on Purchases

After going through the various procedures and you are sure of your safety online, that’s when you should purchase an item. Some sites require you to create an account with them while some do not. However, after completing the requirement and filling in your details, you will be given an opportunity to review your purchase. This is an opportunity for you to check if all information you provided are correct.

Furthermore, if it is OK, you can click on continue to go to the final stage by making your payment. Most importantly, you can make payments with PayPal, Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. depending on the website requirements.

The Most Secure Payment Method to Shop Online

For you not to be a victim of internet fraud, we have provided you with the most secure payment method you can use when shopping online. Note that one of these choices might be better than the other.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are reliable for online purchases and ranks  among the best online payment options. If a credit card is stolen and reported before it is used for fraudulent activities, you will not be charged any fee for replacement. However, if it is stolen and used for any fraudulent activities before reported, you will be charged $50 according to the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA).

Meanwhile, some credit cards provide fraud protection and other security features that wipe out this $50 charge. Moreover, if a card is stolen, cardholders can freeze their account immediately through a mobile app.

However, even if you are not charged for the replacement of the card, you will still pay through other means by waiting for the new card to be issued to you. It is important to note that when you shop with a credit card, you are not charged immediately from your bank account but the charges are deducted later from your bank account.

Payment Service

This is a third-party payment option that allows you to shop online. There are so many of them such as Google pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. However, among all, PayPal is one of the most popular ones, which provide you with security and amazing features. For instance, PayPal reimburses you with both purchase price and shipping costs if you receive the wrong items or if they arrive damaged.

Wire Transfer

This payment method is one of the most used payment methods that allow communication from one bank to another by users. It has good features and security. However, if anything goes wrong with the transfer, it is advisable to visit your bank to resolve the issue. Basically, sellers provide an account number in which funds can be transferred to, by the customers who purchase the item.

However, there are some disadvantages of wire transfer which includes a very high rate charge when dealing with international banks and the time wasted.

Unified Payment Interface

This method of payment allows users to use the UPI application to transact, by making users send money from their account to another account with authenticity. Note that the unified payment interface is being developed by the National Payment Corporation of India and it is being regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

How to Shop Online With The Diamond Lab

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More Unique Offers

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How to Make Payment With the Diamond Lab

The diamond lab business marketplace accepts different means of payment such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, Visa Card, etc. from their customers. The diamond lab delivery rate is one of the best as it provides fast means of delivery to customers.


In conclusion, online shopping is growing daily as more individuals around the world shop online. They buy different items for themselves and their loved ones.

This article has shown you the various means you can effectively carry out your online shopping.