How to write a product review

How to Write a Product Review

Staff WriterOctober 23, 2020


You may not think about product reviews as a content medium; however, they will be if you recognize the way to spin them, especially when you know how to write a good product review. 

Online readers understand the value of reviews; hence, they consume them very much like content. This is why a good understanding of knowing how to write a product review that will stand out and drive more traffic to your blog and also increase your sale is highly essential.

This article aims to guide you through the rigorous process of knowing how to select a product to review, gathering product data, providing necessary data, presenting them, and other steps involved in writing a complete, good product review.

What is a Product Review?

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Ideally, a product review ought to come from a freelance author or an independent writer. Such a reviewer would presumptively shed light on numerous products, and represent a neutral, unbiased perspective.

A review is nothing more than a product-concentrated content that ought to investigate in-depth each the advantages and downsides of a specific product or service.

Additionally, reviews typically prompt readers to debate, rate, and touch upon goods they may have purchased or are pondering shopping for.

What is a product?

A product is a service or an item offered for sale. It can be virtual, physical, or in cyber form. The price charged depends on the market, the quality, the marketing, and the segment that is targeted.

Furthermore, a product should be relevant. The users should have direct use for it. A product must be functionally able to do what it's imagined to, and be intimate with decent quality.

A product should also be communicated, have a reputation, and be labile.

What is a review?

A review may be a vital analysis of a text, event, object, or development.

The foremost necessary part of a review is that it's a piece, not just an outline.  You will supply agreement or disagreement and determine wherever you discover the work exemplary or deficient in its data, judgments, or organization.

First, a review provides the reader with an elliptical outline of the content. This includes a relevant description of the subject similarly to its overall perspective, argument, or purpose.

Second, and more significantly, a review offers a vital assessment of the content. This involves your reactions to the work below review: what strikes you as noteworthy, whether or not it had been effective or persuasive, and the way it increased your understanding of the problems at hand.

Finally, in addition to analyzing the work, a review typically suggests whether or not the audience would appreciate it.

Benefits of Writing a Review

benefits of a product review

Remember, people trust reviews, they don’t trust salespeople.

In that spirit, you have to be willing to admit that your product is not an excellent choice for everyone.

If you’re not direct that you just sell the product you’re reviewing, and readers figure it out on their own, you’ll lose trust.

Don’t let your bias influence your review.

Here are some of the benefits of writing good, genuine product reviews.

Gain trust

When writing a review, you choose what product you wish to review, advocate, and put in writing regarding what your customers want. This way, you will be able to build and gain authority as a reviewer and other people can trust your opinion if you play it right.

Buyers learn from you

Your reviews can help you gain organic traffic, gain access to a wider audience and you'll rank your website for strategically chosen keywords if you do it rightly. Thereby, making your buyers and every other person interested in that particular product or service you are writing about learn and gain insight from you.

Increase in sales

Since your product will now be reaching a wider audience, there is an assurance that more people will have access to your product and it can possibly lead to upward thrust in your purchase scale and additionally increasing your profit for the product or service.

This is one of the benefits of having a review of your product or your service.

Undiluted feedback of your product

If you’re about to write reviews, you can’t write them for the only purpose of convincing people, this way, your customers will be able to give feedback in the comment box of how good or bad your product is.

Furthermore, helping you rebrand and tailor your product to suit their want.

Other benefits include:

SEO benefits

Overall customer satisfaction


Types of product reviews

product review

Comparison reviews

This is a type of detailed review, where two or more products or services are compared to show their good and bad sides.

List-post reviews

An example of this type of review is – “Ten Best WordPress Plugins for Businesses...”

In this type of review, you can make a list of a particular product that has different segment or variations to it and make a critical review of each one of them.

Full-blown, detailed reviews

This is a type of review in which deep research is carried out on a particular product or service.

Book reviews

If you’re inquisitive about building up your own name additionally to earning basic content edges, contemplate reviewing a book associated with your business. This can show that you simply know your onions, and will even create a platform for you to have a rapport with the author.

Buyer’s guides reviews

This type of review is one, in which you'll get additional detail with a comprehensive buyer’s guide. The concept is to assist a prospective buyer through each stage of the method, from awareness and analysis through the ultimate buying call. This can be particularly effective if you’re selling what you’re recommending users to shop for.

Interviews with a creator review

Finally, you can use interviews to review the creator of a productor a service. This methodology offers you an additional personal bit and still permits you to focus on a product or different item.

Steps to Writing a Good Review

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Research a product you want to review

When making an attempt to work out what affiliate product to review on your website, or what specific product to review, you ought to think about the following:

Your interests

Target market


By considering these 3 factors, you’re basically deciding what your specific niche is and what precisely fits into this niche.

Have a rich understanding of the product

Ensure  that you are doing your analysis and study the merchandise well. Aim to become a professional. Be curious and decide everything concerning the  product itself. Embody competitors in your analysis before you start on your reviews.

The first time you browse or watch one thing, get an associate overall sense of the work. Then deem its strengths and weaknesses. Browse or watch it once more to substantiate your first impressions. This time, take careful notes.

Be diligent in your research:

Read the manufacturer’s product description sheet

Read client and third-party reviews

Get your hands on the merchandise (if possible) and check it out yourself

Interview consultants of the product, the salespeople, and customers that have bought the product.

Identify the matter and also the promise

In the introduction to your review, you'll need to incorporate two key information:

First, think about your readers and the drawback that they might be facing.

Second, stipulate the promise that the product implicitly makes to the buyer. If you're reviewing a software tool, then you would like to spot the claim that the manufacturer is making:

The introduction of your review must quickly engage the reader with an outline of his or her reason for seeking a product of this kind and an announcement of the product’s promise to the buyer.

Understand your audience

Reviews are seen in different places. You’ll see them in native and national publications, online, and conjointly in specialized journals and neighbourhood newsletters. Look into the places you hope to publish your review, and write consequently. Rely on what you would like to clarify. Review readers appreciate additional background info than readers of a publication aimed toward specialists.

Describe the product in details

Full transparency is essential. Focus on the goal and keep in mind that:

People can quickly place 2 and 2 along, and they’ll notice (and inevitably raise a fuss) if you aren’t honest. It does not make any sense to mislead your audience into thinking that your product has no downside. Be balanced instead.

Honesty wins you quality, and users can become loyal and visit your journal or website anytime they need to close a deal.

To help you organize your review, here are some parts to think about adding:

An introduction

Description of product

Specs, features, upgrades

Grading criteria

Pros and cons

Good work / dangerous work customers

Comparison to different merchandise

Quotes from specialists

Quotes from customers

Outro/ conclusion

Provide necessary information

Tell readers the entire name of the product and also the name of its manufacturer. Provide the distributor, launching date, product making process, different info regarding when the product was created, etc. Check your facts; the main points in every review should be correct.

Show evidence to back up your take

Decide on your criteria, the standards you’ll use to gauge the product, book, show, or film. Share taglines, slogans, or moments in the production of the product. State these criteria and your readers will perceive what you suspect.

Support your take with examples or descriptions of moments from the work. Conjointly consult outside sources. Produce other critiques in agreement along with your opinion of this work.

Have a five-star rating added to your review

Enable a straightforward 5-star classification system with CSS and mark-up language on your review page and conjointly add rich snippets that will be visible within the search results. This isn’t all that tough.

Such a visible rating score within the search results will definitely make your reviews stand out, boost your CTR (Click Through Rate), and drive additional traffic. And don’t forget that the CTR interprets to SEO ends up in the long run!

Also, keep in mind to incorporate affiliate links among your review here and there. Mind their frequency of incidence, in order that they don’t overwhelm the reader or dominate your copy.

As mentioned earlier, think about what's most vital to the customers reviewing these products.

Include a personal opinion

This is where you'll be able to get a slightly subjective and speak your mind freely. Recap all the key points you touched on within the review, disclose the value and tell the reader if there’s a free trial or not (remember, the word “free” is intoxicating — if applicable, sprinkle it throughout your article and emphasize free choices to induce people’s excitement. It always works wonders). Add everything up and create the ultimate finding of fact.

State your opinion of the work you’re evaluating. Your review can be bad, good or mixed. Your job is to support that opinion with details and proof. Even though readers trouble you, they have to envision how you reached your conclusions.

Whether your scale is predicated on numbers, stars, or colors, your audience wishes to understand the conclusion of your analysis.

Make a Compare and Contrast Segment

A comparison will be a good way to develop your analysis. Suppose you claim that a movie has original dialogue. Demonstrate this by sharing some dialogue from another film that has stiff, wooden, or ready-made dialogue. Use the distinction to prove your purpose.

While the bells and whistles are nice, remember, your audience, are attempting to come to a decision if the product is correct for them.

To truly facilitate your audience, create the foremost enlightened call attainable, you can’t simply list the options and advantages.

Use targeted keywords

Once it involves online reviews, you've got to make sure your content is optimized for search engines.

You need to optimize your reviews so that they have every chance of ranking high in the search engine search results. You can do this without over-stocking with keywords.

When optimizing your review for search engines, one huge tip I wish to provide you with is, specialize in writing an attention-grabbing headline!

Make sure your headline isn't simply computer program friendly, however human-friendly too.

You can write the most effective online review in the world and be able to out-rank your competitor's review on Google. However, if your headline title is boring and does not compel people to click on it, this can hurt your conversion rates.

Promote and market your review

Did you seriously suppose that your work was done?

You've done the most work, now you need to fuel it and watch it glow.

Thus, while you have created the most effective criticism that you can, it takes time for traffic to come back flooding in, it does not happen immediately, sadly.

That being said, there are lots of things that you simply will do, in the meantime, to market your online review.

Let all your email subscribers comprehend your new on-line review.

Post to Facebook and persuade potential customers to buy with a targeted effort.

If you created a video for your on-line review, make certain you are uploading it all over and link it back to your original criticism.

Link to your latest reviews class from your blog's sidebar menu or device. Create it straightforward for people to search out.

Link the criticism from your counselled tools and resources’ page.


Writing a review on a product or a service is not a herculean task, it simply requires you to follow the steps listed above. Once you are able to fully grasp the idea behind it and understand its logic, then it should become a very simple task to perform, and even more, the often time you write reviews, the more you get the hang of it.