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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Make Use Of Television Marketing

Staff WriterJanuary 04, 2021

Television marketing which is also called television advertisement, television commercial, has been one of the most successful advertisement medium. This is because business owners use it as a means to promote and showcase their products and services.

Studies have shown that 60% of consumers are likely to make purchases after viewing an advertisement on TV compared to other means of advertisement medium. Also, the average American citizen watches 2-5 hours of television every day.

Furthermore, many audiences are interested and attracted to creative, well-made TV advertisement as always demonstrated on television broadcast shows. Television advertisements offer unique opportunities to both big and small business enterprises to showcase their various products and services.

Meaning of Television Marketing

Television marketing is when an organization pays for a slot to create awareness of their products and services through the network television. The purpose of the advertisement is to generate sales from a product, service, or an idea.

However, this medium of advertisement is quite expensive compared to other forms of advertising mediums. Also, it is important to know that the television advertisement or TV commercial is called commercial or TV ad in US, advert in UK and TVC by industry insiders.

In addition, this ad is shown from a range of few seconds to several minutes depending on the amount of time the company or organization purchases to run the ad on the television network.

Television Marketing Strategies

It's not just running an ad on television that matters but to achieve its purpose. Some business owners have failed to understand the effectiveness of running ads on television. However, before you run an ad or book a slot on television stations, you should have good television marketing strategies in place. Below are some of the strategies that can be used for television marketing:

Set Goals

It is good to set goals when planning for your television marketing. What do you want to achieve? That should be a question to ask because you should be able to identify your goals. For instance, do you want to introduce your business or brand or you just want to make sales?

Go Local

Local television stations have helped lots of businesses and brands. Basically, if your market consists of people who live around your business location, it is advisable to advertise on the local television stations. You should decide to have long term deals with them, so as to get good rate changes.

Encourage Action

When advertising on television, the first few seconds or minutes should explain your products or services features and benefits. After that, let there be a strong call to action that will encourage viewers to interact with your business or brand.

This call to action can be in form persuading the audience to contact you via your phone number (s), email address, or the website of your business or brand.

Direct Response

This television marketing strategy has to do with strong call to action that will compel users to place an order from you. One of the purposes of this strategy is to introduce a new product or services.

The ads allow you to explain in details the product or services features and benefits. Also, the ads do run up to 30 minutes.

Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Television

What is Television Marketing?

Television marketing is one of the most successful marketing medium for business owners. Also, it is one of the profitable means for business owners.

In addition, it creates more valuable awareness for businesses and reaches a larger audience. There are some many reasons why you should advertise on TV, which are;

It Reaches a Large Audience

TV advertisement makes you reach large audience at the same time. Also, it creates strong awareness of your business or brand to the audience. Study shows that television shows reaches 71.5% of the population in just one day and not less than 90% every week.

It Generates Easy Call to Action

With effective use of the TV advertisement, it can generate easy call to action to your business or brand. Note that, over 50% of persons that interact with your business will make a purchase.

It Creates Easy Communication

Businesses use TV advertisement to share the uniqueness of their products to prospective and existing customers. The ads can easily communicate some of the important aspects of their products and services to the audience.

It Generates More Sales

TV advertisement is one of the best mediums that businesses or brands use to sell their products or services. With it, you can easily market your products or services to a target audience which will bring in more sales for you.

It Builds Trust for Your Business or Brand

TV ads not only increase your sales, but it also builds trust for your business. You should note that TV advertisement goes through tight regulations and it also protects viewer's right.

TV Advertisement Is Not Just For Big Brands Or Businesses

What is Television Marketing?

Both big and small businesses can take advantage of TV advertisement. However, most people think that TV advertisement is just for big businesses with huge budget.

There is room for all size of businesses to advertise on television. In addition, television marketing platforms like The Matthews Broadcast offer businesses of all size, the unique opportunity to advertise and grow their business.

The Matthews Broadcast is an affordable digital television marketing platform that adds great value to your business. Again, The Matthews Broadcast creates an amazing opportunity for you to book a spotlight interview sections that allow you talk about your business on platforms such as CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, BET, and many others.

How The TV Advertising Industry Works

As stated earlier, TV advertisement is one of the most effective ways of creating awesome awareness about your products and services. And, that is why digital television marketing platforms like The Matthews Broadcast helps in showcasing the uniqueness of products or services to a larger audience.

Highlighted below are some tips on how this works;

Timing is Everything

It is certain that when a company runs ad on television, the company can have up to 5% of sales. It is important for businesses to choose the right time for an ad to be aired. Note that, it is not just about how often an ad is shown but how effective it is when the ad is run.

The Matthews Broadcast provides you with the information, on the best time you can run ads on television. Again, they provide you with a great support on how you can achieve your products and services’ ad goals.

Upfront and Sweeps

This is when businesses book for a space or slot to run an ad in a particular time frame. In other words, they pay ahead for a slot.

Businesses use this to target a particular show time to capture more viewers to their ad. Also, The Matthews Broadcast provides the services of helping businesses book slots on platforms like CNN, BET, ESPN and lots more.


Online video has become more consumable on a daily basis and its revenue is increasing. The Matthews Broadcast will help promote your business on network TV and online, making it easy for audience to view and connect with you and your business on PC and mobile phones.

In addition, The Matthews Broadcast uses social media platforms to create more awareness for businesses and brands.

Different Types Of Ads Presentation On Television

Highlighted below are some of the types of television marketing or advertisement;


There must be a spokesperson who will represent the company and talk about the products and services of the company. Also, it allows viewers to connect with the product easily when the company representative talks about the products and services of the business.

For example, in The Matthews Broadcast spotlight TV shows, there is always a spokesperson who might be the business owner, manager or HR that gives a talk about the uniqueness of their product or services to audience or viewers.


Television advertisement helps to showcase what the product can do by demonstrating the effectiveness of the product and why viewers should use it. For instance, if a company produces detergent, the ad will show how the detergent can remove dirt and clean wears.

Problem Solution

This is when the ad is being run to provide a solution to a problem as a means of showing viewers what the product or service can do, and how it can be of help to viewers. For example, a company who produces pain relief drugs can walk up to someone who is in pain and offer the company drug to him/her and the person gets relieved after taking the drug advertised.


Infomercials always work with physical products that are new to the market and offer a hand-sell approach that highlights the product features and benefits.

The Matthews Broadcast Spotlight TV

TV advertisement has been one of the most effective medium to promote businesses to achieve their desired goals. With the Matthews Broadcast spotlight TV, advertisers get more clients and make more sales on their products and services. Again, they give you all you need to succeed in your business through engaging, empowerment, uplifting, and enriching your brand.

Highlighted below are some reasons why you should advertise on TV, using the Matthews Broadcast spotlight TV.

To Create Unique Awareness for Your Business

The Matthews Broadcast allows you to create effective awareness to your targeted audience on the most viewed network TV platforms like CNN, BET, VH1, OWN and many others. Also, it helps scale your business to a better position.

Professional Business Network

With The Matthews Broadcast, you get to build a healthy relationship with over 1,000 established business owners and professionals. They also provide you with an amazing feature offers like the MBN featured speaker or newsletter.

It Brings You Business Benefits

The Matthews Broadcast allows you to get more market share, sales, and profits while using their professional services on advertisement.

It Provides Unbeatable Scale and Reach

Through The Matthews Broadcast stoplight TV, you can build up and quickly reach a larger audience to showcase your business products and services.

Generates More Profit

You get to generate more profit market share because of the awareness advertising platforms like The Matthews Broadcast offers you.

Types Of Marketing Mediums Strategies Used By The Matthews Broadcast To Help Grow Businesses

The Matthews Broadcast has created different advertising medium to help grow the business of their clients and network. They also employ different market strategies to carry out this task effectively. Below are some of the marketing medium strategies;

Social Media

With the fast growth of social media advertisement and the impact on businesses, The Matthews Broadcast uses it as a means to create awareness and grow their clients’ businesses.

Also, they use it to run marketing campaigns for businesses, with well targeted ads and engaging communication with customers.

Digital and Interactive

The Matthews Broadcast also take advantage of the new media category like internet, email and mobile devices to help create effective communication for businesses. They make it possible that your products and services are not just seen on network television but also on mobile phones and PC.


Television marketing which is one of the types of broadcast has larger wide reach compared to others. The Matthews Broadcast gives your business an edge through their various network TV.


The Matthews Broadcast also features your business or brand in their print like magazine and flyer for effective awareness.

The Benefits Of Using The Matthews Broadcast Service

There are lots of benefits when you are using The Matthews Broadcast service. It may interest you to know that there have been a lot of success stories from various business owners and individuals that use The Matthews broadcast services.

Below are some of the benefits and success stories;

Affordable Price

The Matthews Broadcast Service offers very affordable price range compared to others that render the same services. Also, they help you achieve your marketing goals easily with their services.

Clients Acquisition

With The Matthews Broadcast, your customer base and sales increase tremendously. According to a testimony shared by Kahil Cunningham Corporate Sales Heartland Corporation, it says; “The Matthews Broadcast has helped their company to acquire more clients while also generating an increase in sales by 70% over the last three years.”

Referrals and Lead

Gene Poole from Aligned Benefits Group says; “his health insurance and employee benefits business has grown rapidly, as a result of using The Matthews Broadcast.” The Matthews Broadcast will help you grow your business tremendously while also bringing in referrals and leads.

Event Promotion

The Matthews Broadcast will also help you promote your event successfully whenever you want to sell your products out in a show. You would easily market your good and services to your targeted audience.

Growth and Expansion

The network will also help you grow and expand your business tremendously. Charles Cook said “The Matthews Broadcast helped him to increase circulation of his 4 newspapers rapidly.”

Good Customer Support Service

The Matthews Broadcast customer support representatives are well trained and they give you the best customer support service. Their professionalism is of high value because they always put their clients first.

Different Products Offered In The Mathews Broadcast Online Store

The Matthews Broadcast offers business owners and individuals different range of products that best fit their needs and that of their customers.

Below are some of the products offered by The Matthews Broadcast;

Your MBN network admission

This product will help you gain admission into The Matthews Broadcast network and ultimately give you an edge over your competitors. It will also make you share unique value with other members of The Matthews Broadcast network.

Mathews Broadcast membership annual renewal

It offers you the opportunity to renew your membership with The Matthews Broadcast thereby creating more value for you and your business at a very affordable price.

Spotlight plus campaign package

This product gives you easy access to be featured in The Matthews broadcast spotlight show, which helps you to also create an amazing campaign for your products and services for your targeted audience.

Your network “plus 2 guest” admission

Through your network with The Matthews Broadcast network, you get two additional guests to be featured alongside with you during your business shows.

Spotlight marketing campaign package

With this product, you get opportunity to market your products or services in the spotlight event shown.

Sponsored legacy interview with Ms. Dorinda Walker

This product is amazing because you get a chance to have a discussion with Ms. Dorinda Walker and it creates an avenue for you to share the uniqueness of your brand. This interview is sponsored by The Matthews Broadcast service.

There are still lot more of The Matthews Broadcast products in their online store such as your MBN featured speaker or newsletter, spotlight interview package, your spotlight event sponsorship, spotlight interview branding and others. These products will position your brand in the competitive market.


The television marketing is a very good means that businesses can use to create awareness and position their brands. With The Matthews Broadcast services, you can get the desired result of your business marketing goals. Get their Spotlight marketing package here.