500 ML 75% Alcohol-based Hand sanitizer


Get your hands free from germs!
Worried that you have exposed your hands to germs? Our 75% Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer with its special anti-bacterial properties makes you safe from germ infestation. It's effectively Anti-Bacterial.

It contains moisturizers to help keep hands feeling soft and smooth. A fast-drying and non-sticky alternative to soap and water that can be used by all in the family. This is a 500ML bottle size with a Pump that will conveniently fit anywhere in your healthcare facility, household, or business. Also used as a disinfectant in your working environment.

This is made of 75% Alcohol content this does not only offer a protective ability but also leaves your hands dry and non-sticky reducing infestation and culturing microorganisms.

This hand sanitizer gets your palms refreshed with a good scent.
Keep your hand's germ-free, get protected, GET 75% Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer NOW!