MOYEAH CPAP Mask And Tube Cleaning Brush


The CPAP Tube deserves better!
Worried about sanitizing CPAP Mask and Tube before and after using it on a patient? With MOYEAH Cleaning Brush the risk of microbe infestation of the Mask and tube is eliminated. This flexible hose cleaning brush keeps the Tube free from all the germs and bacteria passing through.

MOYEAH Brush is specific for tubes with 19 mm and 22 mm diameter wide. The ultra-soft brushes prevent any damage to the CPAP tube while still providing an excellent clean.

The Cleaning Brush is, so it can extend to 7 feet long for effective cleaning of the hose and also be able to be folded portably after use. This product comes with 1 piece of wipe sanitizer!
The handy brush is great for the CPAP mask, GET NOW!