100 Sheets A4 Papers Multi-function Copy Paper for Office or School Supplies

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Print Like A KING!
Sick and tired of printing documents but end up jamming the printers? What a hassle!

Don’t let this ruin your day, start using our PrintPRO Multipurpose Copy Paper for a seamless printing experience!

This type of copy paper features a consistent weight, thickness, moisture level, and "curl control" for fewer copier jams.

It is produced from sustainable management farmed trees. The smoothness and high density are ideal for high-speed printing with good color reproduction which is essential for good presentation and double-sided printing.

The low ash content helps to reduce toner consumption, which reduces cost and helps keep copy machines in good running condition.

This consists of 100 sheets of A4 size, Grade A+ paper made from 100% wood pulp. Perfect for everyday Commercial use.

Good contrast for greater readability. Acid-free for archival quality.

No more printing disasters! Get your own PrintPRO Multipurpose Copy Paper NOW!