36pcs Acne Patch Treatment Skin Care Face Pimple Master Remover Sticker Patch Facial Cover Patches Skin Tag

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These Acne Patches are made of a mild hydrocolloid material, excellent absorbency, It can clean secretion from the follicle.

Ease wound inflammation and swelling, 
make the Inflammation area flat, and cured gradually.

The color of the material is chosen to skin color, it protects the acne from further follicle clogging and infection when people make up. It offers a well moist environment, accelerates wound restoration, and old scars.

It effectively isolates acne from contact with the outside world, including dust and cosmetics, keeps it clean in time, absorbs pus and liquid, and heals quickly overnight.

Easy use-cleanse & dry area. Before applying toner/lotion/etc, peel and apply the patch overnight or desired amount of time. The pack is easy to carry with you.