5/7.5L Mineral Water Pure Water Bottle Portable Bucket With Handle


Get Good Fall Resistance Portable Water Bottle!

Tired of using fragile water bottles that shatter at a fall? Household Large Capacity Water Bottle Portable PC Bucket built with PC 100% pure material has good anti-fall and pressure resistance ability. while filled with water can survive 2 meters fall without bursting.

Has a portable built-in handle makes it the perfect travel or camping companion to meet your normal water needs for the day product. It's non-toxic, odorless, good permeability, no color difference, safer, and more assured.

The 7.5L capacity bottle is 40cm in height, a diameter of 20cm with a wall thickness of 0.2cm, a caliber of 5.5cm. While the 5L capacity bottle 5L is 38cm in height, a diameter of 18cm, Wall thickness of 0.2cm with a Caliber of 5.5cm. 

Use a healthy bucket, drink healthy water, GET NOW!