5 Magnet Eyelash Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner Eyelashes Tweezer Set

$7.89 $9.49

This magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes pack is a 2-in-1 eye beauty products for you to better replacing of common fake eyelashes and eyeliner.

The magnetic lashes are arranged 5 magnets on the lash strings. And the magnetic liquid eyeliner is to be applied on your eyelids and produces strong magnetic adhering. In an upgraded formula intended for longer makeup, you don’t worry about being an unprofessional look when it comes to crucial time without smudged eyes!

You will find it so simple and easy to put and complete your eyelashes in a MAGNETIC way, just let the eyelashes near close to the magnetic liner!

The most fascinating thing is, you will never pull out your own natural eyelashes like those glue sticky eyelashes do! Because the eyeliner is added magnetic particles, it's safe to use on eyes and removed easily along you wipe up your eye shadow with cleansing oil.