Automatic Infrared Induced Touchless Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Dispenser For Households, Offices, and Schools


Achieve fast and convenient disinfection!
Worried about cross-infection due to many hands tampering with the office sanitizer? The Automatic Infrared induction Dispenser sprays out the atomized solution(such as alcohol) from the sterilizer, and through touchless induction avoid cross-infection, achieve fast and convenient disinfection.

The sensing distance<4.73inch.
It's Portable, user-friendly, and adopts a transparent bottom case, which can monitor the solution usage at any time. The bottle and sprayer can be removed and separated for easy filling and cleaning.

It has a USB rechargeable battery which has a long standby time and automatic shutdown after 24 hours and can be used for 3-5 days on a single charge. The bottle weighs 180g, its capacity is 280ml and the Induction distance is ≤12cm with a frequency of 108KHZ and the Current is 1500mA. GET NOW!