5L Water Storage Tank Barrel camping water container with pump

$25.29 $30.39

Best Camping water container with Pump!

Adjustable water output 5L camping water container is the best storage water tank for your outings, want to try this out?  With a humanized rotary faucet, you can freely adjust the water output. Both inside and outside of the faucet are equipped with silicone seals to ensure no leakage. Also, the bucket handle is ergonomic, comfortable, and convenient to hold.

The camping water container is made of food-grade PC materials instead of secondary recycling or recycled materials. The Water Storage Bucket is non-toxic, odorless, free of BPA, and free of fluorescent agents.

Made of food-grade PC material that can be filled with boiling water without deformation, the bucket is light and space-saving, convenient to carry, strong and durable, suitable for self-driving cars and camping. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, easy cleaning, no odor, and strong toughness.

It can also be used in schools, hotels, resorts, offices, homes, etc., especially for outdoor outings, construction sites. GET NOW!