Multifunctional Bamboo Table For Labtop, Studying On Bed Sofa, With Card Slot

$54.69 $65.69

Work with comfort

Have you carried your laptop while working added to your stress of the real work?
Imagine working with the computer in the comfort of your office or home with maximum comfort that only a multifunctional bamboo table for laptop, with card slot, will give you.

It has a card slot and you can easily put your phone, pen, tablet into the slot provided, and can conveniently view massages/videos of iPad or mobile phones in time.

It is made of sturdy waterproof bamboo board, safe and environmentally friendly. The U-shaped reinforced outrigger is made of aluminum alloy tube, the bottom of the table has a non-slip design, which can keep the table stable and prevent the table legs from slipping at the bottom.

As a laptop workstation, You can eat, drink, read, and write on the table. laptop table for bed, a children's bed table, breakfast Tray, a standing table for office work, laptop couch table, as well as a bed or sofa desk for reading and writing.
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