Credit Repair, tax Preparation and Business Formation


Challenge inaccurate and errouneous information of clients credit report, provide rebuild and education options,
Prepare personal and small business Taxes
Help client with filing for Ein, Articles of formation, business checking accounts and business credit.

&159/99 Dispute inaccurate accounts on your behalf simultaneously with all 3 Credit Bureaus and Creditors.
Monthly Progress Evaluation
Provide Credit Audit & Plan of Action
We identify & advise on products to raise your credit score
Weekly Credit Education
Challenge Inquiries

30-120 Days of Service*estimated time not guaranteed due to covid-19
Everything in previous Plan
24/7 Portal Access
Credit Boosters
Student Loans
This program is for clients with limited negative accounts or looking to make a major purchase in a short time frame.

$359 Business Formation: filing for Ein,
Establish Articles of formation,
business checking accounts
Establish business credit
$150 One-time Enrollment Audit
Hard Inquiries Only
60-90 Days of Service
Recommended for someone with excessive inquiries on their credit report. Inquiries can lower your score and make you look risky to lenders.

$250 If you can't get a traditional bank account or any other type of bank products, this service is for you!
*Due to security reason, we request that you pull your own credit report.
Tax Preparation
File Personal and small business yearly taxes accordingly
Refund Advances offered from $500-6000