Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Curler


Want longer, fuller lashes? You could commit to eyelash serum, though you'll wait weeks to see results. You could try more instantaneous eyelash extensions, though you'll have to shell out some big bucks.

There’s a way to get the long, fluffy lashes of your dreams for less money than eyelash extensions and without all the sticky, tricky application?

The solution is this unique and upgraded version magnetic eyelashes, 5 strong and thin magnets on each one, will attach itself to the eyeliner quickly and stably, no glue needed, very easy to use, long-lasting and no heavy feeling, makes you shine in a light way.

It comes with magnetic eyeliners, waterproof, and contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic eyelash to attach easily but no heavy feeling, simplify the makeup process, just draw eyeliner and put the eyelashes on it, simple steps, attach firmly, beautiful eyes make up done, gorgeous you show up

Our delicate design magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit also could be a good choice as a gift to girls and women, love her, make her shine!