Portable Electric ULV Thermal Disinfection Fogging Machine (Fogger)


This ultra-low capacity nebulizer is widely used to disinfect,  sterilize, and insecticides,  hotel rooms, offices and other areas with public traffic. It has  long range, good sterilization effect, saving sanitizing products by spraying large areas on non-porous surfaces. It is safe for the operator. In addition, it only needs a small amount of disinfectant in the air. The fog droplets are small in diameter (less than 30 microns) but large in quantity being well distributed and staying airborne longer to clean and disinfect areas more effectively.

Small businesses are purchasing these sprayers to save the expense of hiring outside services for cleaning and disinfecting as they begin to reopen. We have sold these to apartment and office complexes, beauty salons, restaurants, maintenance services, etc.

You can use many disinfectants available that are safe and easy to use such as HOCL solutions. .The reservoir can be used with alcohol based disinfecting products. Proper protection should be used while using with any chemicals or disinfectants . Refer to the chemical product requirements that you are using.