Sweet Harvest Farm Surface sanitizing spray


Make Do Of The Best Organic Surface Spray!

Searching for an organic spray for different surfaces? Our surface spray ( a full 12 oz) is made from five 100% pure certified organic essential oils, 75% alcohol, and natural white vinegar. Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract oils are then added to protect and preserve the organic essential oils to enhance the germ-killing activity. Nothing else.

The five essential oils were carefully selected for their powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties. All essential oils Certified Organic.
100% of its ingredients are proven to deter viruses, it is just as effective for bacteria as well. Our surface spray is also both soothing and aromatic due to the combination of essential oils used.

No need to worry about food surfaces either. You may even use the surface spray to mist the air around you and if you get any on your hands - not to worry! It is completely safe. You could use this on your hands too. GET NOW!