UV LED Sterilizing Box for Mobile Phone, Glasses, Watches, Nail tools


Compatible With Mobile Phones Under 6.8 inches!

Did you know that cell phones, glasses, cosmetic brushes, nail tools, or small objects such as toothbrushes, small toys are full of germs? With its global recognition today, UV LED Sterilizing Box is now providing clean products for every occasion of your life, no matter if it is for home, business, travel, or healthcare.

It mainly to make sterilization faster and easier, everyone to live a healthy life. We work with designers, industrial designers, and innovators around the world to bring great ideas and amazing products to life.

It's made of material Plastic plus electronic components, available color is White. Rated Voltage of DC 5V, Input Current is 1-2A with Max. working power of 9W. GET NOW!